Presented by Infotools and GreenBook, the Data Insight Visualization Award (DIVA) aims to acknowledge the most innovative and effective data visualization examples within the insights space.


The latest round of the Data Insight Visualization Award (DIVA) will be held at the Insight Innovation eXchange North America 2015 in Atlanta.

The finalists for the current round of DIVA have been announced (see below).

The top finalists are invited to the conference and provided with a free ticket. (You are not required to attend to be eligible to win. If you do come to the event you are responsible for your own travel and accommodation.). Finalists who attend are given a chance to join a panel on data visualization at the conference as well. The winner will receive:

Entry Guidelines

  • Each individual may only enter once. We can accept multiple entries from organizations, but each must be associated with a different individual.
  • Visualizations may be in varied formats. For the purposes of creating a “thumbnail” of your visualization, we can only accept 500px by 500px .jpeg or .png files. If a visualization is dynamic or does not fit the 500px by 500px thumbnail size, you should share static screenshots, and, if you wish, a link to the dynamic visualization. Be assured that the judges will evaluate your full entry, not just the thumbnail.
  • Give a short intro to what the visualization achieves, and why you think it should win. Then share a bio and a photo of yourself.
  • You may email questions about the submission process to Dana Stanley at dstanley@greenbook.org.


Finalists and a winner are chosen by a panel of judges.

While viewers of the online gallery of submissions are invited to give each entry a 0 to 5 rating, these ratings are not considered in the judging process.

Judging criteria are as follows (percentages are a guideline only):

1. DESIGN (40% in total)

Impact – 10%
Originality / Innovativeness – 20%
Execution / quality – 10%

2. EFFECTIVENESS (60% in total)

Clarity – 20%
Delivery of insight – 20%
Conciseness – 10%
Actionability – 10%


Congratulations to the three finalists for the IIeX North America 2015 round of DIVA:

Jason Anderson, InsightsMeta, for “From Digital to Physical – 3D Data Printing.”
Brett Bridges, Gongos, for “Millenial Observer”
Ilya Vedrashko, Hill Holliday, for “Egostar – The Guide to Human Desires.”

We look forward to hearing them discuss data visualization on a panel at IIeX North America 2015 and to awarding one of them the DIVA trophy!

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