Ginny Valentine Badge of Courage Awards


Fiona Blades (Mesh Experience)

President & Chief Experience Officer, MESH Experience (United Kingdom)

Following an 8 year marketing career and subsequently moving to advertising at agencies like Leo Burnett, Fiona set up MESH in 2006 to fill a gap in market research. By capturing how people come into contact with brands in real time (Real-time Experience Tracking (RET)) MESH helps clients to take quicker and smarter decisions about their investment. Launched in London and now with offices in Manhattan and Sao Paulo, where MESH is pioneering Sustainable Research with PepsiCo, MESH was showcased in a Harvard Business Review article with the headline “A New Tool Radically improves Marketing Research.” Outside work Fiona loves going to the theatre, dance and art galleries.



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Kristin Luck (Growth Hacker)

Growth Hacker, Kristin Luck Consulting (United States)

Kristin Luck is a serial entrepreneur and a globetrotting internationally recognized keynote speaker on technology and innovation. She’s a growth hacking expert, specializing in nontraditional marketing and branding strategies, and a regular contributor to both the commercial (Fast Company) and academic press (Research World, Journal of Brand Strategy, etc) where she explores emerging marketing and research methods.



Ashley Chauvin (Citi)

Global Insights, Citi (United States)




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