Connecting the Dots – Consumer, Corporate, and Venture: An Emerging Strategy for Corporate Innovation


Anthony Mills (Legacy Innovation Group)

CEO, Legacy Innovation Group (United States)

Anthony Mills is the Founder and CEO of Legacy Innovation Group, a strategic growth firm rooted in insight and innovation. Anthony works with companies to help them explore their white space to find and act on opportunities for creating new businesses, brands, and products (and reinventing existing ones). Anthony is a consummate rainmaker. He knows how to connect insights – both market and business insights – in ways that enable companies to deliver the types of value and experiences that produce market leadership and accelerated growth. Anthony’s work builds on over 25 years of leadership in business, marketing, design, product development, and engineering, working for such companies as Whirlpool Corporation, Halma Holdings, HB Performance Systems, Johnson Controls, and Ford Motor Company. His work has taken him around the world in search of big “what’s next” opportunities for companies. Anthony’s writing and consulting have made him a sought-after thought leader on emerging markets, growth strategies, consumer insights, market, brand, and product strategies, business innovation, corporate venturing, and product design. Because he has traveled the world and experienced so many cultures up close, Anthony understands people, and with them, the markets they make up. He knows how to combine insight and empathy with imagination and creativity to conceive real solutions to customer’s “deep-down” needs and desires. Anthony also understands business, having spent many years as an executive, and knows what drives good business strategy. He marries sound business strategy with strategic innovation to build resilience and relevance into each business.



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