So You Have An Insight…Now What? Teaching Researchers to Communicate Findings Through Stories


Thania Farrar (Burke, Inc.)

Director of Research Innovation, Burke, Inc. (United States)

As the Director of Research Innovation at Burke, Inc., Thania Farrar monitors and contributes to client and industry discussion regarding new research approaches. She helps equip Burke with the emerging research solutions needed to help our clients achieve greater success. In addition, Thania has developed a viewpoint on Storytelling that has earned her speaking roles at industry conferences such as the Shopper Insights in Action conference and The Market Research Event. Thania joined Burke in 1999 and has led account teams in support of global B2B and consumer products manufacturers, specializing in the design and implementation of research programs focused on customers, consumers, shoppers and multicultural populations. Hallmarks of her consultative approach include her ability to translate complex business issues into actionable research objectives that leverage innovative custom research learning plans. Her research expertise and her focus on the communication of insights that inspire action earned her the trust of her client partners. Thania earned her MBA from University of Cincinnati and her bachelor’s degree from Universidad Internacional de las Américas in San José, Costa Rica.



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