Millenials: How to Get ‘Em, How to Keep ‘Em


David Brudenell (Universum)

Global Vice President, Product | Head of Digital, Americas, Universum (United States)

Currently, David is a member of the Product team at Universum. As Global Vice President of Product and Head of Digital for Americas, David works with an exciting and dedicated team of professionals who are focused on helping businesses create engaging, powerful and renewable employer branding solutions. These solutions leverage 25 years of proprietary data from the globally recognized Universum Ideal Employers Study and a myriad of new and exciting talent-centric data sources. Prior to joining Universum, he was Executive Vice President of pureprofile. While there he led pureprofile’s global sales, business operations, strategic partnerships and alliances. In 2013 he was a key player in the development of pureprofile’s revolutionary research automation platform called Infinity. David is also the co-founder of C2 Investments, a venture capital firm specializing in seed stage companies. To-date C2 has made investments in Market Research technology companies, online retailers and greentech companies. David holds an honors degree in Biology and Zoology from the University of Western Ontario, participated at the University of King’s College Foundations Year Program and has an MBA in Finance and International Business from the Sydney Business School.



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