Why Your Current Methodology is Already Obsolete


Looking at MR through the lens of the respondent; why they have already moved on from our techniques, and why the data we collect is therefore already questionable.

Ben Leet (Instantly)

Managing Director Europe, Instantly (United Kingdom)

Ben Leet, Instantly‘s European Managing Director, was one of the founding members of the business in Europe back in 2011. During that time he has successfully grown the company from a start-up panel company to an established audience and insights technology provider in Europe, servicing both MR agencies and FMCG clients in the region. Prior to joining Instantly Leet held senior positions with Decision Tree Consulting, Toluna and Ugam, and has over a decade of market research experience both agency and supplier side. This combination allows Leet to understand all aspects of the market research process, adding value to Instantly both internally and externally. He is a Graduate of the Nottingham Business School in the UK with a BA (Hons) in European Business.



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