The Future of Tracking


We live in a world where we are drowning in all sorts of data. In order to remain relevant, market research must adapt – going beyond surveys and using the data that are most relevant to answer business questions, integrating information from multiple sources and focusing on prediction and not just description. Nowhere is this more necessary than for brand & communications tracking studies. The value of these long, expensive surveys continues to be questioned. This session will discuss work that TNS has done to reinvent tracking and the significant benefits that a new research architecture can deliver.

Rosie Hawkins (TNS)
Global Head of Brand & Communication, TNS (United Kingdom)

As Global Head of Brand & Communication, Rosie is responsible for driving expertise, new thinking and best practice across the TNS network. Throughout her twenty year career, Rosie has focused on brand and communications research. A combination of client and supplier-side roles as well as international exposure has given Rosie extensive experience across numerous brands, categories and markets. Rosie works closely with key clients across all sectors and regions bringing a strategic focus as well as best practice thinking and implementation to the research process. She is also involved in the development of TNS Digital practice.



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