Learning From the Best – What Can Corporates Take From the Start-Ups Disrupting the Business Landscape?


Disruption is now business as usual. In all sectors established brands are being threatened by lean, mean start-ups. And with valuations reaching into the billions, they can no longer be dismissed. So what lessons can corporates learn from these agile, fast-growing companies? Join Chris Thompson from FreshMinds as he explores how brands can take inspiration the likes of Uber and Zappos to facilitate an agile approach to innovation. Drawing on case studies from across the business landscape, he’ll show you how agile innovation techniques can be harnessed to turn insight into ideas into income. Plus, he’ll discuss what this means for research, considering how the role of insight needs to change and in turn become more agile to facilitate this process.

Chris Thompson (FreshMinds)

Financial and Professional Services Lead, FreshMinds (United Kingdom)

Chris is the Financial and Professional Services Lead at FreshMinds, a leading insight and innovation consultancy. Chris has a wealth of experience in the fields of innovation and product development. An engineer and entrepreneur at heart, Chris led the global innovation strategy for Rolls-Royce. Following that he moved into professional services with PwC’s New Product Development and Innovation consulting business. In his current role at FreshMinds, Chris helps some of the world’s biggest companies to understand their market opportunities, get closer to customers and develop winning products, services and propositions.



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