Crowdsight: Uncovering Insight from Crowdfunding

downloadpresentation Crowdfunding is growing fast and we believe it offers us a validated window into the ideas and trends that will shape specific markets in the future. As the perfect tool for entrepreneurial challengers to share, test and fund their ideas by appealing to early adopters, Brand Genetics will show how analysing crowdfunding sites like KickStarter, Indiegogo, Crowdfunder can help businesses spot trends, insights and opportunities based on the real behaviour of these key consumers. In this short presentation we will share our rationale and thinking on the potential of ‘Crowdsight’ and explore a specific case study looking from the world of coffee. Cliff Fawcett (Brand Genetics) Consultant, Brand Genetics (United Kingdom) Cliff Fawcett is Head of Crowdsight at insight and innovation agency Brand Genetics, where he has led the company’s pioneering work on using crowdfunding as a route to uncover validated foresight, ideas and opportunities. He is an experienced insight and innovation consultant with a passion for applying new approaches to client challenges Twitter LinkedIn Company Website Tom Ellis (Brand Genetics) Director & Co-Owner, Brand Genetics (United Kingdom) Tom Ellis is Director at Brand Genetics, an insight and innovation agency that uses forward thinking to help brands stay ahead of the game. With experience across a wide range of clients, categories and challenges, he is expert in uncovering breakthrough insights that guide future focused innovations. Twitter LinkedIn Company Website


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