Building Brands for the Subconscious: 12 Takeaways for Corporate Communications: Human Insights into Action


Few would disagree that emotion is crucial in building strong relationships between brands and people – however, building brands for the unconscious is still a challenge. Therefore, in order to measure emotions effectively, it is important for Marketers and researchers to equip themselves with the latest evidence from neuroscience research. In this presentation we have compiled 12 human insights across different brands and categories providing for each of them a specific action/takeaway. In this way we will translate the science into actionable insights that can leverage your brand and get closer to your consumers and shoppers.

Cristina de Balanzo, Ph.D. (Walnut Unlimited)

The Main Nut, Walnut Unlimited (United Kingdom)

Cristina de Balanzó, @crisbalanzo. Ph.D., Founder and the Main Nut of Walnut. Walnut is now the consumer neuroscience consultancy within Marketing Sciences’ full service research company owned by Creston unlimited. Prior to this she was Global Head of Neuroscience at TNS since 2009, where she was responsible for pioneering the application of neuroscientific insights and methods into traditional research across all areas of expertise. Cristina has over eleven years’ experience in advertising agencies, including the position of Strategic Planner at McCann Erickson from 2004 to 2009. Cristina holds a degree in Sociology and a Ph.D. in Communication. Her doctoral thesis deals with improving advertising effectiveness and consumer insight using a cognitive neuroscience approach. She has written numerous papers and published articles on the subjects of consumer neuroscience and consumer insight/creativity, and is a regular speaker at industry conferences such as ESOMAR, MRS, WARC, IIEX, NSMBA, BAQMAR…



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