Big and Open Data for Social Good


Is Big and Open Data a truly transformative phenomena or just ‘hot air’? Does it matter for Europe? How big is the economic potential of Big and Open Data for Europe till 2020 ? Can we use that economic potential for a greater good? How each of the 28 Member States may benefit from it? What mix of policy measures should be put in place in the EU and the Member States to unlock its full potential and to make it usefull not only fot the creators of ecenomic wealth but also to understand where and how we need to use it to achieve desired social impact? Let’s dive in to the world of big and open data that have better impact.

Ratko Mutavdžić (PROJEKTURA)

Founder/Experience Architect, PROJEKTURA (Croatia)

Ratko Mutavdžić is founder and experience architect at PROJEKTURA, consulting company that work with new and emerging technologies and introduce them to the corporate and enterprise environments. Prior to this one, he spent 15 years Microsoft, starting in a consulting practice and then leading several different sales and technology teams. He is the author of number of published papers on different aspects of the technology, successful blogs on new technologies and project management, and active contributor in a number of social networks exploring the use and advance of new ways to connect and share innovation and invention. He frequently speaks on conferences, meetings, workshops, coffe shops and generally at every place where people like to explore, challenge, investigate, think and innovate.



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