We’ve Got Five Years


Eric Salama, CEO Kantar Group shares a vision of the challenges and opportunities that confront market research over the next five years, looking beyond the immediacy of next week, addressing the structural forces that will shape the near future.

Eric Salama (Kantar)

Chairman & CEO, Kantar (United Kingdom)

Eric is Chairman and CEO of Kantar, WPP’s data investment management division. Kantar clients include FTSE and Fortune 100 companies with work ranging from innovation and new product development to optimisation of marketing spend and measurement of TV ratings. Between 1994 and 2002 Eric was a Main Board Director of WPP Group. He was Group Strategy Director, and also CEO of wpp.com. Preceeding that, Eric was MD of The Henley Centre, Europe’s leading consumer consultancy. Earlier, he was a researcher and speechwriter to The Labour Party Foreign Affairs Team. He has a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Trinity College Oxford, an MSc with distinction in Economics from Birkbeck College London and is a non-executive director at DFID (the UK Government’s Department for International Development) having been a non-executive director of The British Museum.



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