Values: How Brands Bend You to Their Will


Your core values underly your beliefs, attitudes, and actions. In this session you’ll learn how values transcend cultures and even life stage demographics. Holt will take you through the early research to modern day application, extracting consumer values through social data passively. Holt is the CEO of Mattr, an influencer and audience segmentation platform based in Austin, Texas USA.

Jack Holt (Mattr)

CEO & Co-Founder, Mattr (United States)

Jack Holt is Founder and CEO of MATTR, where personalities tell powerful stories. An entrepreneur at heart, Jack founded his first startup, S3 Matching Technologies, in 2001, bringing to market big data SaaS products with matching algorithms. Tens of thousands of users, including Hewlett-Packard, the New York Stock Exchange, and Proctor & Gamble, amongst others, depend on these apps each day. Jack gained leadership skills in the Marine Corps and espresso-making skills by annoying baristas.



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