Untangling Data Threads: The Multi-Method Approach to Predict Behavior


The belief that not one single technology or research methodology can be relied upon to offer a truly holistic picture of the consumer is widely embraced and we see the signs everywhere: In-house marketers and MR professionals are changing the nature of their core research mix by looking beyond traditional survey techniques and data aggregation and visualization is taking a higher priority than ever before. However, along with this change and growing expectation comes confusion, and eagerness to find answers to questions like: (1) What does a diverse combination of methodologies actually reveal about the consumer that we don’t know already, and to what end? (2) How does one close the gap between the possible and the practical? This session will answer these questions (and hopefully some more) by leading participants through a case study about consumers adoption behavior for wearable devices. We’ll not only share our findings on how traditional self-report data, creative qualitative engagements, passive behavioral tracking, and social media analytics piece together the technology adoption prediction puzzle, but also the lessons we’ve learned while combining all these resources.

Reineke Reitsma (Forrester Research)

VP, Research Director Data Insights, Forrester Research (Netherlands)

Reineke serves Customer Insights Professionals and leads a team that helps these professionals understand how technology developments influence the market insight industry, and how to adapt research agendas, research methodologies, and team structure accordingly to stay successful and relevant. In addition, she leads a team responsible for data innovation at Forrester. This team tests and evaluates alternative data sources and research methodologies, and it looks at new ways of visualizing data. Reineke has spoken at numerous Forrester events, as well as market research and marketing conferences, such as Esomar Insights, Market Research in a Mobile World, The Dutch Marketing Association (NIMA) event, and IAB conferences. Her research has been cited in publications worldwide, including The New York Times, Washington Post, New Media Age, Stratégies, Research World, Research Magazine, and Vue.



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