The Yoda Contradiction: Why Future Ideas Demand New Idea Expression and Testing Approaches


We have all read and cited examples of where new product forecasts have simply ‘got it wrong’. As innovation and insights experts, it should be our responsibility to learn from these mistakes and be able to ensure businesses support the right commercial opportunities, even when they are so disruptive and futuristic they seem virtually impossible to test, evaluate and measure. This paper is designed to review where traditional innovation and insight processes under-deliver to the remit of breakthrough/long-term innovation and offers fresh thinking and approaches that are designed to overcome these shortcomings.

Kristin Hickey (Ruby Cha Cha)

CEO, Ruby Cha Cha (United Kingdom)

Kristin has a diverse background combining academic, management consulting and insights & planning. Her passion for bringing fresh thinking, new ideas and more powerfully integrated research to the insights industry was a key reason behind the launch of ruby cha cha in 2008. Kristin currently heads ruby cha cha’s global office based in London.



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