The Unfulfilled Promise of Big Data: Finding the Right Customer Signal Within the Noise


The paradox of Big Data is that while companies may have more customer data than ever before, we don’t really know more about them. Indeed, we may actually know less about what they think, how they feel and why they choose. The reason is that all the noise created by the unimportant data has made it more challenging than ever to find the signals that matter. Worse, all of this is happening at a time when the stakes are higher than ever before: our customers, empowered by technology, can make us pay for misinterpreting what they really want. This presentation will provide examples of how connecting with customers on a human level—in an environment built on permission and trust—can help businesses find the signal within the noise.

Scott Miller (Vision Critical)

CEO, Vision Critical (Canada)

Scott Miller is the CEO and a board member of Vision Critical. In this capacity, Miller focuses on developing and leading the execution of Vision Critical’s strategy including strengthening relationships with customers and partners, driving innovation and growth across all markets and ensuring operational excellence across the company. Scott joined Vision Critical after 12 years at Synovate. Most recently, Scott had been the CEO of Synovate North America, where he led the business to industry-leading growth by re-aligning all 1,000 employees on client sales and delivery. Scott also led the rebuilding of Synovate’s advanced analytics business: MMA. His leadership successes can be attributed to alignment of the complete organization around a common vision, clarity and passion in communication and empowering others to contribute at their absolute best. Prior to his North American CEO role, Scott held positions as Head of Global Client Relationships, Head of Synovate’s Research Reinvented (advanced technology) Initiative and CEO of its Global Motoresearch practice. But, Scott was not always a “big company” leader. For the 12 years before Motoresearch was acquired by Aegis/Synovate, he was a partner at the company where he led international development, including the creation of a substantial presence in Latin America. Scott is the Vision Critical management representative on the Vision Critical Board of Directors.



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