The Trophy Spouse: Partnering With a Startup

downloadpresentation Established clients are looking for the next big innovative MR idea and are in awe of the sheer sexiness of startups. Often they wonder about how much of an impact they could make if they integrated the startup’s cool ideas to how they gather insights. But two companies of such a widely divergent size and strength have just as widely divergent cultures and ways of working that happily marrying the two is not a given and one could always be left feeling like a trophy spouse! Anouar El Haji (Veylinx) Co-founder, Veylinx (Netherlands) Anouar El Haji is the co-founder of Veylinx, the winner of the Insight Innovation Competition 2014 North-America. He developed Veylinx to reveal what consumers truly value by letting them vote with their own wallet. He’s also a PhD candidate in Marketing at the University of Amsterdam. Twitter LinkedIn Company Website Jasmeet Sethi, Ericsson ConsumerLab Senior Advisor – Global Consumer Insights, Ericsson ConsumerLab (Sweden) Jasmeet Sethi is a Senior Advisor, Global Consumer Insights team within Ericsson ConsumerLab based in Sweden. His current focus is on introducing new approaches of bringing the voice of the consumers to decision makers in product development, marketing and sales functions by integrating new methodologies to understand true consumer experience in the ICT industry. Previously he was the Regional Head of Insights for Ericsson ConsumerLab, and was responsible for driving and managing consumer insights function based out of India. Jasmeet has over a decade of experience across wide variety of industries including telecom, technology, media and financial services where he has worked on a very wide range of insight, strategy and brand development projects. He has travelled extensively in pursuit to study consumer culture and behavior and is a frequent speaker at international industry conferences. Twitter LinkedIn Company Website


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