Increasing Synergy in the Marketing Technology Space

downloadpresentation As a marketing service provider, you are facing the challenges of acquiring, retaining and servicing customers on a daily basis. The more time spent on these activities places more demand on your time and increases operating cost as, if successful, you need to hire more people to do more of the same. To break that cycle, we are establishing a flexible, on-demand partnership network whereby you can engage and work with complimentary service providers and customers from within a single platform and across regions, primarily the US and the EU. The objective is that instead of you targeting potential customers individually, they will come to you either directly or through a partner. This platform framework has not been introduced publicly before. We chose the IIeX to debut it as the value-chain we are looking at is present in the audience: providers, customers and VCs. Snorri Gudmundsson (Gage-Cannon Venture Consulting) Chairman Board of Directors, Gage-Cannon Venture Consulting Ltd. (United Kingdom) I am a marketing strategist and tactician operating in the marketing technology space. I believe these technologies will eventually replace the current financial system as the data they capture more accurately reflect consumer market trends which leads to improved economic management. I am always on the lookout for developers that fit that framework and work with investors that share that vision. Twitter LinkedIn Company Website Mira Hijova (Gage-Cannon Venture Consulting) SVP, CEO, Gage-Cannon Venture Consulting Ltd (United Kingdom) I am a business strategist focused on implementation of key business concepts supported by adoption of innovative technologies. My role is to implement and manage strategy driven execution with emphasis on building cross-border partnerships with developers, investors and strategic partners alike in order to deliver comprehensive business solutions in the marketing technology field. Previously involved in a successful implementation of business expansion strategies for international SMEs and project management while committed to developing investor relationships in the international arena. Twitter LinkedIn Company Website


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