Brand Health Tracking in 100+ Markets

downloadpresentation The presentation will describe the journey Heineken, along with key research partners, undertook globally to standardise their Brand Health Tracking programme. The use of the Heineken case study demonstrates how brand health metrics can be transformed into a universally accepted measure of brand and company performance that drive management confidence and efficiency in decision making as well as problem solving. The presentation will provide the audience with tried-and-tested best practices to consider should they wish to embark on a similar journey of reinvigorating brand health tracking. Special attention will be given to the advanced software solution platform which has been a key enabler for success. Han Meijer (Scanmar) CEO, Scanmar (Netherlands) Han specialised in two directions: technological innovation and marketing analytics and holds a post master’s MBA degree. Han worked for > 10 years at branded consumer goods business (BestFoods/Unilever) working in research and marketing. Han worked for >10 years for consultancy firms (MediaAudits/Accenture) running EMEA operations and being responable for global client delivery. Han joined Scanmar in 2010 as new CEO. Twitter LinkedIn Company Website Sjoerd Koornstra (Heineken International) SVGlobal CMI Planner, Heineken International (Netherlands) Sjoerd Koornstra is Global CMI Planner at Heineken International. He is responsible for Knowledge Management, market research standards and protocols and Global vendor management. He has broad international experience in developing as well as developed markets and has been in several market-research-related areas for more than 25 years. Sjoerd has held international positions in the field of Marketing Research, Knowledge Management and Marketing Information Technology. He has a master’s degree in applied econometrics in business administration. Twitter LinkedIn Company Website


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