Being Right About the Future

downloadpresentation Borrowing on Otto von Neurath’s famous description of science, traditional marketing research agencies are ‘like mariners at sea who have to rebuild their ship while staying afloat.’ Legacy research methods continue to be a huge source of business, not just because the agencies are conservative, but because their clients are too! Yet new technologically driven methods pose an existential threat to traditional business models. Contrary to what many may think, the big traditional agencies aren’t just going to go our of business. The question then becomes: how do they identify and then invest in what will eventually become the revenue streams of the future? What big bets should the traditional agencies be making? Our session will indicate where TNS thinks the future lies. Jan Hofmeyr, Ph.D. (TNS) Chief Research Officer (Behaviour Change), TNS (South Africa) Accountable for delivering a coherent and competitive portfolio of products and services; and for creating the expertise our execs need to meet our clients’ needs. Twitter LinkedIn Company Website Robert Wieland (TNS Global) Global Chief Research Officer, TNS Global (Germany) As CRO, Robert is in charge for the global offer strategy, R&D initiatives and technology enabled research. Robert is a member of the Kantar Innovation Board. Twitter LinkedIn Company Website


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