Behaviour Change: Five Things That Work


At BrainJuicer we’ve been working on behaviour change projects for several years. We’ve learned – sometimes the hard way – what works and what doesn’t. In this session, Peter Harrison from BrainJuicer’s Behaviour Change Unit shares our best tips on how to fit practical behaviour change efforts into a research programme, and how to make them effective and useful. Forget the theory – behavioural work is about researchers getting their hands dirty, and this session will roll up its sleeves and show you how.

Peter Harrison (BrainJuicer Behaviour Change Unit)

Creative Director, BrainJuicer Behaviour Change Unit (United Kingdom)

Peter is a founding member of BrainJuicer’s Behaviour Change Unit which uses principles from the behavioural sciences to help clients do better marketing and activation. No two projects are alike and he loves working for a variety of clients on a variety of different issues; everything from optimising on-shelf presence to reducing harassment in bars and everything in between. His innovative thinking on new research methodologies has won him awards such as an ARF Great Mind Award and Best Presentation at the ESOMAR 3D Conference (2012), he has also co-authored highly commended papers on behavioural economics and incorporating gaming into marketing and research.



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