Identity Overlap: The Ideal Brand Relationship


Brands are not static collections of attributes and imagery. In fact, they act as active lenses that drive our perceptions, emotions, and actions toward other people. Sometimes brands even inspire strong levels of Identity Overlap® and people actually incorporate brands into their sense of who they are. Learn why this is the ideal relationship marketers want to achieve and why and how we should measure, track, drive and activate it.

Jeremy Sack, Ph.D. (LRW)

SVP, General Manager/Director, Pragmatic Brain Science Institute, LRW (United States)

Jeremy advises companies on how to better win consumers’ hearts and minds and build stronger brands, products, and services. He specializes in solving problems through a combination of traditional research techniques and new approaches rooted in social, motivational, and evolutionary psychology, providing a holistic understanding of the consumer, why they do what they do, and what companies can do about it.



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