Award for Data Visualization in Market Research Comes to Latin America


The Data Insight Visualization Awards (DIVAs) have allowed market researchers across three continents to shine. Now it’s Latin America’s turn.

We invite those working with market research to share their data visualization of consumer insight and see it showcased in the entries gallery at

Get your entry in quickly for maximum exposure in the DIVAs gallery! Entries close March 25.

Why is Data Visualization Important?

Consumer insight has a critical story to tell. As researchers, we want to guide our organizations or our clients in making the right decisions. But insight is worth nothing if it isn’t understood. Effective communication of market research is the vehicle that allows insight to reach decision-makers.

It’s a growing field. Researchers are waking up to the idea that PowerPoint data dumps just don’t cut it anymore. Infotools and GreenBook created the DIVAs to celebrate those at the crest of this movement: those pushing the boundaries of how to share and engage with consumer insight data.

Tony Costella of MasterCard is passionate about data visualization in market research. Tony is a supporter of the DIVAs and judged the DIVAs Europe 2015. He explains that researchers must be prepared to bring the right tools for the job.

“Within the MR community, it is tempting to flood people with data and believe that everyone has the same capacity and passion to swim in data as those of us that splash around in it all day. For some management and key influencers this is not the case – and a beautifully designed visualization that brings the key insight to life will have much greater effect. There are more often than not many different types of people who you will want to engage and influence, and there is rarely one solution that will work equally for everyone.”

Tony Costella, DIVAs judge and Strategy & Operations for Global Products & Solutions, MasterCard

What is Considered “data visualization”?

The only limit is your creativity!

DIVAs entries cover a huge breadth of media:

  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Interactive exploration tools
  • Multi-page reports
  • Animations
  • Fully customized insight platforms
  • And more!

The one thing entries have in common is that they communicate consumer insight. That insight may be qual or quant, social or commercial, trend or ad hoc; it doesn’t matter. All entries will be considered against the judges’ criteria of design, innovation and actionablity.

Tips from the Judges on Winning the DIVA

DIVAs judges look for effectiveness. Design is important, but clarity of communication is crucial. They give extra points to entries which encourage and enable the viewer to unearth actionable insights.

“Deliver high data density, intuitive graphic language and UI. Provide multiple facets of the data. Allow for investigation and further inquire.”

Manuel Lima, DIVAs judge and leading voice on information visualization

The LatAm DIVAs 2015

Created by Infotools, the survey analysis software company, and GreenBook, the DIVAs will be presented at the Insight Innovation eXchange Latin America ( in Mexico City on April 15-16.

Looking to Enter?

See what past entrants have to say in this article by winner Danica Atkins “Beauty and the brains in market research data visualization”.

Take a look at “All you need to know to enter the DIVAs”, including judging criteria.

Good luck!


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