New Models of Data Analytics and Visualization

(Presented at the Insight Innovation eXchange North America 2013)

Whether you love or hate data analysis tools like Excel or SPSS, you’ll enjoy Statwing’s fresh, modern approach to data analysis. Learn how Statwing works as a freestanding tool and as an integrated partner of research tool platforms to make statistical analysis fast for experts and easy for those looking to level up from Excel.

About Statwing
Statwing makes it easy to visualize and statistically analyze survey results and business data. Analysts and market researchers say they analyze data more deeply and five times more quickly in Statwing than in Excel or SPSS. Statwing is available as a standalone tool and via integrations with survey tool providers. Statwing was founded by two Stanford alums and is funded by Y Combinator.

To test out Statwing, try out one of the demonstration datasets on our front page, or sign up to analyze your own data.



Cofounder, Statwing

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Greg Laughlin is cofounder of the Y Combinator-funded company Statwing. Since graduating from Stanford in 2006 Greg has been an analyst, a consultant, and a product manager. In all those roles he spent much of his time alternately learning, loving, and loathing data analysis tools like SPSS and Excel. He’s currently building off those experiences to create Statwing, an easy-to-use data analysis and visualization tool.


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